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The Nui Design collection is the creation of Catherine Kiku Stickel. My bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are original designs and handmade in my home studio in California.

Most of my jewelry is one of a kind and I primarily use natural woods, semi-precious gemstones, glass, and painted ceramic beads. All metal pieces are nickel-free. Based on my research, many of the stones have healing properties and meanings.

Growing up in Honolulu, I loved watching lei vendors sewing their fragrant garlands and the joy that the leis brought to their customers. This fond memory is the inspiration for my jewelry making.

My degree in commercial art led me to over 40 years working in the design world. From advertising to annual reports, to signage for Walt Disney Imagineering and many resorts and spas. I have designs in Tokyo, Shanghai, UAE, Singapore, and the US. I also have a MAED in Educational Leadership and was department chair for graphic design and advertising. Now, my new creative adventure in jewelry making allows me to continue my lifelong love of art, design, and of course my forever home, Hawaii.

Did you know that the mango is a symbol of plenty and a sign of good things to come? And the sweetness of a mango in a dream conveys a cheerful mood. Nui in Hawaiian means plenty!

I put a lot of aloha into each of my pieces and I hope Nui designs will bring to you plenty of hau’oli, nani, and aloha.

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