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Kulolo is a Hawaiian dessert made primarily with baked or steamed grated taro corms and either with grated coconut meat or coconut milk. Considered a pudding, kulolo has a solid consistency like fudge and is often served cut into squares.  Made fresh from Kaua'i!

1lb. (16oz). Kulolo

  • Note about shipping of perishable items:

    To ensure freshness of perishable items, we highly recommend choosing FedEx overnight shipping.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    This is a perishable item. All sales are final. Recommend you refrigerate.  Does not contain any preservatives.

  • Description

    Traditional Hawaiian Desert made with local grown taro, coconut milk, cane sugar steamed to perfection.  This old time family secret receipe is considered to be one of the BEST.  Made on Kaua'i by 4th generation Kama'aina family! 8oz blocks

    Product made fresh every Thursday made with Taro from Kauai, Cane Sugar, and Coconut Milk.  Then steamed to perfection. One of the best desserts from Hawaii! Kulolo is shipped overnight to you to guarantee freshness.

    Please note NO PRESERVATIVES are used, the product is perishable, please consume immediately.

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